"His third eye acutely filters light and shadow, joy and sorrow. He does not search--he finds with immense creative force attributed to his emotions." Anionella Bottari - Art critic, Rome "What really stands out in the technique of Alexandru Darida is the transgression of the planes over a main composition theme; a descriptiveness full of lyricism with the unconfused intention of achieving a metaphor in which the feminine figure stands out with its eternal mysteries." Doru Radosau - Director, Museums of Arts Romania The childhood of painter Alexandru Darida sounds more like something from a fairy tale than from reality. Born in 1955 to an Italian father and Romanian mother, he grew up amidst breathtaking medieval castles in a small town in Transylvania, Romania – the region famous as the birthplace of the Dracula legend. The romantic imagery of his youth and his father’s love of art provided the framework for his own artistic endeavors.' After graduating from the Ecole de Belle Art, Darida began his full-time artistic career as the Official Portrait Painter to the Communist President of Romania, NicolaeCeausescu. He had no artistic freedom – he was limited to painting what the government told him to paint and was denied permission to paint anything else. Although his work for President Ceausescu brought him success in his homeland, he felt overwhelmed by the restrictions imposed upon him. He realized that he would have to escape the tyranny of communism in order to pursue his artistic passion. After a courageous escape to Italy, Darida was determined to pursue his new-found artistic freedom. He enrolled at the Benedetti Liberal Academy of Art in Rome and traveled extensively around Western Europe finding inspiration in the works of Botticelli, Rembrandt, and Modigliani. Eventually, tired of being pursued by the Romanian government and with the help of the Mayor of Rome – who was an admirer of Darida’s art and shared the same family name – he immigrated to the United States where he finished his education at the Academy of Art in Chicago. Darida’s museum placements include the Powerhouse Museum and the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia and his work had been featured at Municipal Galleries across Romania, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, and the Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Formello-Roma International Prize for Painting, and the Award for Excellence in the Multimedia Miniatures Show in Romania. Alexandru is heavily involved with music - which he finds inspirational, soothing and even a bit magical. He paints to music and often finds inspiration in the voice of his wife, Marianna, an accomplished opera singer. He is an experienced Madrigal conductor, and plays the piano (adding with self-effacing charm that he is “not very good” but finds it relaxing, nonetheless.) “Between painting and music,” he says, “that is my life!” ighted by edgy portraits and stylized figures, each painting allows the viewer to step into a nostalgic dream and the creative mind of the artist. Cory now resides in, and explores the streets of, Long Beach California. Hints of beach life and the landscape of this great state show in his work and gives Cory an endless supply of new subject matter.
Paintings featured during one-man shows and art exhibitions throughout the United States - 1992 - Present. Studied at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois - 1991-1992; mastering the contemporary and modern techniques of painting. Escaped to America seeking freedom of artistic expression - 1988. Received accolades from art critics in Italy and won The Formello-Roma International Prize for Painting in Italy. Studied at the Benedetti Liberal Academy of Art, Rome, Italy learning to master the old Flemish and Venetian techniques of painting - 1986-88. Darida escaped to Italy from the tyranny of government restrictions in Romania - 1986. Became the official painter for former Romanian president Ceausescu - 1975. Attended Ecole de Belle Art, Bucharest, Romania - 1968 - 1975. Studied philosophy and music. Born in Transylvania, Romania, the son of an Italian father and Romanian mother - 1955. Permanent Collections Many of Darida's recent works created in the United States are in the permanent collection in The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC. Darida's paintings are in the permanent collections of The Powerhouse Museum, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas. Many of Darida's works are in the permanent collection in The National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania. Technique Detailed and precise drawings go directly onto the canvas (to create texture). This is very unusual, most artists create and change as they work, but Darida does not. He "Sculpts" the canvas first before layers of paint are added is compelled to see the complete painting before beginning to paint. Textural areas are built up by using Venetian paste. There can be no mistakes.this "frames" many areas of the work. Ten to fifteen layers of paint are applied individually to give the translucent affect of flesh tone creating an inner luminescence and giving the old master flesh tone for realism. Light comes from within ("as in each of us when we are at peace") giving the same effect as Flemish master, Chiaroscuro, - an affect of light and shadow. Common Themes and Elements to Discuss with Potential Collectors Music, Mother and Child, Women - Reflect the artist's passions and background (warm, close family..mother and father love for each other romantically expressed in morning ritual) Instruments are all from medieval period (harp, lira, viola and violin - woman's shape, flute - sounds like a whisper) Warm colors are used to enhance sense of warmth and security. Eyes - Why are all Darida's eyes closed? "Everybody has to close their eyes to dream. Sometimes, you do dream. Sometimes you don't but, you always hear the music better" - A. Darida Simple Faces, Simple Shapes - reflect innocence and childlike emotions, which make his subjects more accessible to the viewer.
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