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About Us
Our History
Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. was formed in 1997 through the efforts of fine art and business professionals. In the years since, we have become a leader in the fine art publishing industry. In June 2007, we moved into our new contemporary-Zen Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, California, where we will continue to pursue a bright future with renewed energy and commitment. We are a dynamic and innovative company operating with the highest integrity and long-term commitments to our artists, our client galleries, our end collectors, and the fine arts industry itself. We have a passion for fine art and the knowledge and skill to combine that passion with good business.
Our Philosophy We are responsible to our collectors to provide the highest quality artwork. We are responsible to our artists to protect and enhance their reputations. We are responsible to our galleries to support their efforts with effective materials, prompt service and timely information. We are responsible to our employees to treat them with respect, compassion and loyalty. We are responsible to our suppliers to assist them in meeting our needs profitably. We are responsible to our shareholders to conduct our business profitably and with integrity.
Daniel Winn Co-Founder and CEO Randy Slavin Co-Founder and CEO
Benny Silva Administrative / Framer
Arturo Juarez Shipping
Becky Kohn Operations Manager/Gallery Relations
Nemesio Hernandez Administrative
Victor Pacheco Senior Framer
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